Systems Administration

Creating and developing new prototypes and setting up software and hardware.

Aorus Gaming Box for Password Cracking

Introduction The Aorus Gaming box is an external GPU (eGPU) that is light-weight and you can carry it around with you on different penetration tests. Let's take for example you might have a client who does not want you to take any data off-site (for obvious reasons), or you do »

Under the wire: Trebek — Walkthrough

Trebek, by Under the wire can be found at !!! WARNING: Spoilers !!! Trebek 1 -> 2 Get-WinEvent -Path .\Security.evtx -Verbose | Where-Object {$_.Id -eq 4699} | Select -ExpandProperty message Read the value from the or use findstr Command Trebek 2-> 3 sc.exe qc C-3PO Trebek 3-> »

Poor man’s guide to Raspberry Pi initial installation

Note: this post was from December 2015 As a security consultant, I travel around quite often. It becomes difficult for me to gain access to a HDMI cable, it is also extra weight to carry should I choose to buy one. Another requirement of installation in most guides for the »