Red Team

Adversary simulation, or better known as Red teaming is often referred to by many in the infosecurity community. The mission of a red team is to perform operations that will lead to the completion of a target objective. The objectives should not be technical and have business impacts or could benefit a simulated threat actor.

Domain Fronting: Who Am I?

TLDR; Set whatever Host header you want in your Domain Fronting packet when you use CloudFront Note: It’s 1:31 am, I do my independent research to contribute to the community in my evenings. So give me a break if it all sounds like I’m talking to myself. »

Validated CloudFront SSL Domains

You may have heard of Domain Fronting, and some of the work that I’ve previously done. Then came along and showed us how to find 93k frontable CloudFront domains. I mentioned to him that not »