Penetration Testing

The process of attacking a target to discover vulnerabilities. In most cases, penetration testing is scoped to a narrow segment of systems, but can also be scenario based to allow for a more realistic approach.

F# Shellcode Execution

I decided to go ahead and try to execute shellcode from F# by generating an EXE. It currently gets 1/66 on VT, with CrowdStrike Falcon detecting it using heuristics potentially due to PInvoke. Code repository: F# Code: open System.Runtime.InteropServices open System.Threading »

VLAN Attacks

Note: this post was made in November 2015 So today I decided to learn about VLAN attacks but every video I see just asks you to use yersinia or the frogger script. If you are reading this you probably saw all those and still have no idea what is happening. »