Domain Fronting Via CloudFront Alternate Domains

Note: posted on February 2017 These are not the domains you are looking for… A technique known as Domain Fronting was recently documented for circumventing censorship restrictions by Open Whisper Systems. The benefits of this technique for use in adversary simulations was recognised by several people, including Optiv and Raphael »

Backdoor 103: Fully Undetected

Note: this was posted in March 2016 Introduction In this episode of Backdoor 103, we will be discussing signatures, how to break them, provide a tutorial on how to make your own and show a working proof of concept. When referring to antivirus scanners, everyone mentions “signatures” and how they »

Backdoor 102

Note: this post was created on September 2015 Introduction This episode of Backdoor will consider the idea of analysing shell code to find areas which can be easily split into multiple smaller pieces of shell code. This will allow a larger piece of shell code to be split easily into »

Backdoor 101

Note: this post was made in September 2015 Introduction This method approaches a basic technique in a diverse way. This process does not utilize any advanced mechanisms such as shell code obfuscation, code cave region splitting or ROP. This paper presents the concept of hooking ExitProcess to redirect execution flow »

VLAN Attacks

Note: this post was made in November 2015 So today I decided to learn about VLAN attacks but every video I see just asks you to use yersinia or the frogger script. If you are reading this you probably saw all those and still have no idea what is happening. »

Poor man’s guide to Raspberry Pi initial installation

Note: this post was from December 2015 As a security consultant, I travel around quite often. It becomes difficult for me to gain access to a HDMI cable, it is also extra weight to carry should I choose to buy one. Another requirement of installation in most guides for the »

Bypassing Gmail Attachment Virus Check

Note: This was posted in January 2016 So today whilst doing some practice on creating trojanised Microsoft Word documents, I came across an issue. Gmail by default has a virus check on attachments if you want to send a malicious attachment out. To insert a payload into the word document, »